The Alliance for Equality in Dispute Resolution is a not for profit organization formed to advocate for increased diversity in the international dispute resolution community.   As an association, we promote inclusivity in all aspects of the dispute resolution world.   We strive for equality of opportunity regardless of sex, location, nationality, ethnicity or age.

In a recent survey, 80% of respondents thought that tribunals contained too many white arbitrators, 84% thought that there were too many men and 64% felt that there were too many arbitrators from Western Europe or North America.  54% of respondents felt that, assuming expertise and experience, it was desirable that tribunal members came from a diverse range of ethnic and national backgrounds (BLP Survey on Diversity in Arbitration 2016). 

At the Alliance we focus on addressing the lack of diversity in relation to ethnicity and geography in international arbitration, as well as the under-representation of women in the field. 

Our core offerings are the Forum, the List and the Workshop.

The Forum is our virtual gathering space where practitioners can meet to discuss topics such as career progression, harassment, ethical dilemmas and arbitration practice and procedure.

The List is our extensive database of practicing international arbitrators to identify the most suitable arbitrator for your dispute. We invite all our members to upload their details on this database.

The Workshop is our bespoke one day training programme for international dispute resolution practitioners.  It is the only training programme to address the challenges faced by practitioners in developing a more diverse community.